Monday, January 12, 2009


Ever have the "never-ending crud"? I got this nasty bug after Christmas and I've still not kicked it. John keeps telling me he is going to send me to the doctor, but I just laughed at him. Not much one can do about a virus!! Although, I should hack on him and share it, since he so lovingly left me with all 4 kids in a Phenergan induced haze. Venting here, but WHY do husbands think the Mom can do it all and be sick at the same time? When he gets sick, he crawls in bed, sleeps for a day or two, while I keep the kids away, and bing, bang, boom, he is back on his feet feeling fine....grrrr.

So, I have not disappeared, I'm just dragging along with my Ginger Ale in hand. No crafting inspiration has hit either, which is probably a good thing. I have 2 sets of little hands that have decided to get into EVERYTHING!! A certain 3 year old has decided she needs to show a certain 2 year old every naughty thing she can think of. In the past week we have had White Out painted on my hardwood floors to conditioner smeared into dry hair. So to be on the safe side, the craft room door is shut with all scissors locked up. I hate to begin to imagine what she would come up with those in hand...........sigh.



Deb said...

I do hope you feel better soon, I had to smile at the children's antics, been there done that! You will get plenty of crafting time when they are about 8!

Seleise said...

hope you get to feeling better soon. Great stories even though I'm sure they're not funny to you right now. Get well soon!