Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Year Old Gone Messy

I've decided there is something in the air here that has made my youngest go crazy. Yip, home a little over two months and she has caught a germ that has made her clean gene go messy!!

Last night I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. In she comes holding her hands out wanting them wiped off, along with a wet head. The "oh so intelligent mom in the house" starts asking questions in English. "Why are your hands wet?" "What have you been into?" Now granted, I"m 99.99% sure she understands quite a bit of what we are saying, but she just looks at me and doesn't say a word. Then my "Mommy knows something is up mode" kicks in and I see those little brown eyes start sneaking peeks toward the living room. Ahhhhh haaaaa my internal "this isn't good" alarm starts beeping and I head in the direction of those give-away glances.

What do I find? ALL of her apple juice from her sippy cup all over the flooring of their new play kitchen, all over the "counter" and in one of the play kitchen dishes. Thank goodness for cheap baby wipes!! So while I'm on my knees cleaning the mess, I revert to my Kannada/English combination of communication with her. So we will see how long it takes her to try something like that again. Yet I suppose we can look at the bright side...... She didn't roll her eyes at me when I was talking to her!! The little stinker started the eye rolling hours after I left the orphanage with her.



catt871 said...

hahaha, that is a funny story!!!! Only funny because I don't have kids!!!! Sorry!! LOL

Marcia P said...

It is a funny story and I think you are right, she knew what you were saying. Could have been worse, she could have rolled around in it and fed it to dolly.

Too cute, thanks for sharing this, brought a smile to my face.

:) Marcia

Seleise said...

what a great story! I laugh because I have a niece and nephew around the same age and they are giving my sister similar experiences. hee hee! Enjoy these moments!

Jennifer said...

NO NO they can't loose that clean bug!!! NO NO!!!!! We still have it over here.....but not for much longer huh??

Deb said...

so funny Tammy, I can just see her!!!