Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interesting Day......

This morning around 1 am, my 3 year old woke up wanting something to drink. So being the (hack, hack) awesome mom that I am (hahaha) I crawled out of bed to get her one. Walked into the kitchen to a floor full of water. Looked over to the counter and there was my Beta fish vase tipped on the side. You know there is a mess when a night-light shows this. So I flip on the light and there is my Beta laying on the floor. So I grabbed some towels and clear a path (hey, don't want to get my socks wet....lol) to the fish vase and flip it up. There is a little under 1/2 the water left in the vase....yeah. I don't have to stand and fill it up if he is still alive. So I go over and reach down to grab the Beta. It does a little jig so I know it is still alive. I grab it and go to pick it up and part of it's tail fin is stuck to the floor.....ack. Another little flip and it is loose and back in the vase.

What happened? Well......... a certain cat is in BIG trouble!! From what I can gather, he jumped upon the counter and decided to check out the Beta vase. In the process he tipped it over. He must have known he was in trouble, as he did not EAT the fish. How long did the fish lay there? I do not know. The only thing that saved him was a small amount of water under him. Talk about luck....lol. So needless to say, he isn't exerting much effort today to swim around and is just taking it easy. I expected to walk into the kitchen at any point during the day and find he had croaked. And to think, the only reason the cat was in the house was due to the cold weather. He is so old, I have been taking pity on him and letting him sleep in the house at night.

To add to the day, the girls went upstairs, a few hours ago, thinking my oldest son was up there. When they discovered he was not to be found, they decided to play on the bunk beds. The only problem is, our oldest had pulled the mattress off the top bunk (again) and took it into the rec room to sleep. The 3 year old decided to show the 2 year old how to climb up to the top bunk. All this was going on while I was helping the 7 year old with his homework. Next thing I know, the 3 year old is yelling for us to come and "help". So the 11 and 7 year old hit the steps first. No problem, they can get their little sister out of their "stuff", right? Nope, the 11 year old is yelling for Dad to come. Up the steps go my hubby. A few seconds later he is yelling for me to go up.......sigh. So up the steps I go thinking, "what could possibly be going on that a grown man cannot handle"....lol. I get to the top of the steps, walk into the bed room and there is the 2 year old. She has slipped down between the metal bars that hold the mattress!! The only thing that is on the "top" of the bars are her arms and head. My hubby was trying to get her to lower her arms and tell her to turn her head sideways to slip between the bars. For starters, her English comprehension is not far enough along to know what "turn your head" and "lower your arms" mean. All the poor girl knows is she can't go up or down....lol.

I walk over to the bed trying to figure out WHY he thinks her head will fit down between the bars. Between trying to give her instructions, he is asking the 3 year old "HOW she got UP between the bars". Taking pitty on her, I proceeded to tell my hubby that her head will NOT fit down between the bars. His reply? "Then how did she get it UP there?". HELLO!!!! She fell DOWN between the bars". His reply? "Then she will have to come up to get out" DUH!!! So I got on the bottom bunk, held her butt while we pushed her arms up through the bars. He was able to grab her arms and pull her up and out. Needless to say, she needed some TLC:).

I think I am going to round the girls up early and put them to bed. I figured after that bit of excitement, the best place to keep them out of trouble is in their beds sleeping.....lol. Thankfully they haven't had any episodes of sleep-walking.........yet........lol.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ice, Snow & Wind

Wow, what a difference a few weeks make!! We were without full power for 4 days!!!!! We had to spend the first night without heat..........brrrrr. It was so cold our little one brought me her coat to put on her. I told my sister that you know it is cold when a 2 year old, from India, brings you her coat....lol. But my awesome hubby brought a company generator home and we were able to have heat and run a few lights. My BIL and his family had to bunk out here one night, as they had lost their power, but had it back within 24 hours.

No sooner did the ice melt, then we got a few inches of snow!! We rarely get snow that sticks around long. The kids loved it and so did mom:).

This past week we had strong winds along with a tornado warning. The boy's school let out, but the county schools held the kids until the warning expired. It was a fast moving storm and we were lucky we did not have damage to our house or property.

This picture was taken out my deck door. It shows the damage to my neighbor's trees in his back yard. Thankfully we do not have many trees in our yard, so we did not have to worry about clearing branches...........