Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wild Month

It has been a wild month here.... Can you believe we were ROBBED?!?!?! The guy got away with over $1000.00 worth of stuff. I had ran down to rent out a storage unit to a couple of guys. While I was down there, I drove along and wrote down the unit numbers and sizes to put into a computer program I had bought. When I pulled into my driveway, there was a guy putting John's weed eater into the back of his truck. I just happened to be talking to John on my cell phone, so I asked him if he had sent anyone from a job site to pick up the weed eater. The guy acted like he was suppose to be in my driveway picking up the weed eater. He just looked at me straight in the face, put the weed eater in the back of his pick-up truck, turned and casually opened his truck door, got in and put the truck in reverse. By this time, John had told me to hang up and call the "cops". When John had said he did not send anyone over, I had put my truck back in drive and moved back into my driveway closing in on the guy, to pin him in between my deck and my truck. But there was enough room between the front of his truck and the deck for him to squeeze through. When I seen he was going to go through my yard, I was going to follow him, but decided against it. The area he was heading, there was a good chance he would get stuck :). So I slammed my truck in reverse and flew out of the driveway backwards. I met him at the edge of my yard as he was hitting the road. I double checked the license plate number and he got a head start out of the subdivision as I was writing the number down and dialing 911. Then I was off on his tail seeing where the little weasel was heading. Our subdivision is off a highway and there is always traffic, so I just knew he would have to wait at the stop sign. Wrrroooonnnngggg................... I was the one who had to wait on traffic........grrrr. Needless to say, he got away:(.
When I was after the guy, I thought he had just taken stuff out of the garage, but after getting back to the house, I discovered he had been in the house. That is where he hit the jackpot. If I had not been going through magazines, tearing them apart, getting coupons, etc. he probably would have gotten my laptop. I had just happened to have placed some of the pages I was going to throw away on top of my laptop and that kept it from plain sight. Thankfully I returned home before he could get to the master bedroom where my engagement ring and gold bracelet were. People ask me if I feel violated that someone was in my house and the answer is "no". I'm use to people being in and out of my house. I'm just irritated I wasn't able to pin the little weasel in so I could get our belongings and his little butt be put in jail.
When the state trooper arrived, he said that the license plate was expired. It was not even registered to the vehicle it was on. They had tried other letter/number combinations and those resulted in tags appearing in towns all over the state, nowhere near hear. So they are certain (as am I) that the number I gave them was correct. He told me to keep an eye out and if I ever seen him around, to call 911, since I can identify him. Needless to say, every older, black Ford Ranger I see, I check out the driver to see if it is "the weasel"!! To date, I have not seen him yet.........
The next day, a F-3 tornado touched down 2 miles from our house. Thankfully all we experienced was heavy rain and some wind. We did not receive any damage. But some of the "landmarks" I am use to seeing are gone. There was an old concrete gas station that someone had turned into a car repair shop that was totally destroyed. Fox News mainly focused on the subdivision that was hit. This subdivision has homes on larger lots and the majority of the homes have some damage. I did not hear how wide the tornado was, but given the size of the subdivision it hit and the number of homes damaged, it must have been pretty wide:(. Thankfully we were spared, as here at home there were no warnings. Seth was upstairs and the rest of the kids were in the kitchen with me. Who knows what would have happened to us if it had hit..................

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enter To Win

My favorite author is having a give away on her blog. You can win a copy of her latest release, which I mention in a previous entry. The book is titled "Love Finds You At Last Chance California". The instructions on how to enter can be found at her blog: