Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just A Swing'n..............

This is the perfect card for this week!! The other night I was talking to John when our 4 year old wanted her cup filled up. I walked over to the fridge to fill her cup up with water when I seen a shadow move by my foot. I automatically jumped back midstride and looked down to see what I had missed. There scampering across the floor was a MOUSE!!!!! It was slipping and scampering across the floor and headed to my stove. It was moving so fast it had to do a nose dive to keep from running head first into the stove. So it flattened itself and slid under the stove. All the while I was doing some scampering myself..........right behind John.

I HATE mice. Did I mention HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE them? I think it stems from growing up in an old farm house. We always had mice and they always seemed to not mind coming out whenever they liked, no matter how much noise was going on. So I was always jumping on chairs or table tops to get away from them. It just became a habit when I seen or heard one to jump and make my "I see/hear a mouse" noise. Anyway, I was making that noise and John went into his "calm down"mode and donned on his "let's fix this" face.

Where are the mouse traps? Ut oh............ It's 10:45 at night and we have no traps. Time to act sweet and beg for hubby to be my hero and make a run to the I guess he knew he might as well go to the store or he would not get any sleep. Any noise that sounds like a mouse will wake me from a dead sleep. So while he went on his trap run, I got the cat in the house. I figured the mouse would smell the cat and cower under the stove until John got back.

When John came home, he set 4 traps, then we turned off the lights and TV. Off to the bedroom we went and sat on the bed to listen for the "click". It wasn't 4 minutes and we heard it. Of course, John was just smirking and said he was going to go see what bait it went for. Apparently he had put peanut butter on some and roast beef on the others. He figured it had went for the peanut butter. We were very surprised when it turned up in the roast beef trap. I did not know mice went for that type of food........ So needless to say, I was able to get some sleep that night.

I know some people will say a mouse trap is not the humane way to dispose of mice. I'm sorry, but I HATE them, always have and always will. I admire people who can catch and release a mouse. But my theory is, if you catch them and release them, they will head right back in!! John said the one we caught was a female and I have a feeling it was trying to come in and make a nest......ick.

Anyway, the traps are still set and I have my 2 ultrasonic boxes plugged in with 3 more on the way to me. I have read reports that the boxes do not work, but we have lived here almost 12 years and have only had 3 mice in the house. Each time one has gotten in the house, I have had the boxes unplugged. So I am a firm believer in them. I just need to remember to go back and plug them in whenever I remove them to use the outlet..........


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Seleise said...

love the card and the image is just fabulous!