Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ice, Snow & Wind

Wow, what a difference a few weeks make!! We were without full power for 4 days!!!!! We had to spend the first night without heat..........brrrrr. It was so cold our little one brought me her coat to put on her. I told my sister that you know it is cold when a 2 year old, from India, brings you her But my awesome hubby brought a company generator home and we were able to have heat and run a few lights. My BIL and his family had to bunk out here one night, as they had lost their power, but had it back within 24 hours.

No sooner did the ice melt, then we got a few inches of snow!! We rarely get snow that sticks around long. The kids loved it and so did mom:).

This past week we had strong winds along with a tornado warning. The boy's school let out, but the county schools held the kids until the warning expired. It was a fast moving storm and we were lucky we did not have damage to our house or property.

This picture was taken out my deck door. It shows the damage to my neighbor's trees in his back yard. Thankfully we do not have many trees in our yard, so we did not have to worry about clearing branches...........


Seleise said...

wow - you get hit by three different challenges! Glad you got a generator to have some lights and heat. I feel for you since we went through it a year ago. Stay warm!

Deb said...

Tammy, wow, you poor things having no heat! Glad you managed to get a generator! hugs Debx

Marcia P said...

What a hit ... so many things we take for granted. Glad everyone came through okay and the kids got some snow to play with!

:) Marcia said...'s all happening at once. I hope you stay safe and warm.