Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I love baseball. But what I love even more is seeing Seth play ball. My son LOVES the game. He is always outside throwing a tennis ball off our house to practice fielding skills or his pitching form. Then I will glance out the window and he is in the yard with his bat going through his hitting stance. He was even out in the rain yesterday practicing.

This year he not only played for the school's team, he also played for the Richmond Senior League and the Lexington Grays traveling baseball team. The traveling team has helped improve his skills and has given him a challenge to step up his game. He has played second base for the traveling team. To watch him get a double play is awesome. How he can catch the ball and get it out of his glove and throw to his target accurately and quickly amazes me. Of course I am totally biased since I'm his But sadly, I can not take credit for the genetics. I teasingly tell John he must have someone down the line that was a great cricket player in India😄. But I also have to give credit to The Lexington Baseball School. They have helped perfect his batting stance, along with changing his pitching mechanics so he does not damage his elbow. The last time they had a radar gun out, he was pitching 72 mph. Not bad for a 15.5 year old....

These are some pictures from this years games. Thankfully his friend, Colton Cobb's dad has a great camera and lens and was able to get some pictures from his school games.

While the summer travel team season is winding down, we will get a few weeks and then school starts. There is a possibility of his friend's dad putting together a fall traveling baseball team and I'm sure Seth will earn a spot on the team. Needless to say, if he earns a spot on a Fall team, he will be in baseball heaven!


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